Tuesday, October 12, 2010


We went to Westminster, South Carolina again this year in September to our timeshare. I am posting some pictures. We have been going here for seven or eight years and always look forward to the laid back ways of the south. We stopped at Kevin's on the way down. We were gone ten day and had a wonderful time. We took Keith's "new" truck. Of course we did not miss the Pickens Flea Market. We go to that every year. Also went to a big one in Anderson this year.

Thursday, September 09, 2010

Keith Replaced his Truck

Keith sold his truck last month and has really missed having a truck. Today we bought a Ford F350 one ton deisel duelly. It is like new inside and out. It was a one owner and has less miles on it that the 2007 truck we sold. I drove it home and it drives really nice. It is also easier for me to get into than the old one. I think we are going to really like it.

Monday, September 06, 2010

Libby's 2nd Birthday Party

I went to Cincinnati Saturday and spent the night with Kevin's. Libby's party was Sunday afternoon. Sarah's family came and after Libby opened her gifts, we had pizza. Then we had cupcakes and ice cream. Kevin and Libby made the cupcakes. Kevin iced them and Libby decorated them. I helped just a little, but it was such fun. Libby is such a good big sister. In one of the pictures of her decorating the cupcakes, you can see Lilah sleeping in her bouncer chair. It was a busy fun day getting ready for the party and then of course having the party. I started home after the party and the GPS said I would arrive home at 10:01. I stopped at McDonald's in Hicksville and got sandwiches for Keith & I and still got home at 10:07. Made pretty good time!

Almost forgot to post a new picture of Lilah. So here is a close up of her sleeping. Which is what she does most of the day. She is up from about 1 a.m. to 4 a.m. Which gives Sarah and Kevin little rest. Hope she gets that turned around soon.


Keith was Busy while I was in Cincinnati

When I got home last night it was dark and although Keith had all the outside lights on, I was so anxious to see him, that I didn't really look around. I just drove into the garage. This morning we watched Avatar so I didn't really even look outside until after lunch. Keith installed my new mailbox that he got me for my birthday. He put a shelf behind it and put a really neat birdhouse on one side and our sign that has our names on it on the other side. He also installed a new lamp out in the front yard that matches the lamps on the front porch. I love it. He really worked hard while I was gone to get all that done. Thank you Keith. I appreciate all your hard work and I LOVE IT!
I will post pictures of Libby's party later tonight.
Want to spend some time with Keith and I also want to get over to see Kurt's family and get
Christy's birthday card to her. Her birthday is tomorrow.

Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Kraig's Football Game

Kraig is one of the captains of the 8th grade team. They had their first home game of the season last night. Keith & I went. They played West Noble Middle School. They won 12 to 6. It was a good game and both teams played hard. We were so proud of Kraig. Will post some pictures. He is #50. I really like the second picture. Kraig is the Eastside player on the right. In the third picture the sticker on the back of his helmet denotes that he is a captain. The last picture is before the start of the game when the captains meet with the officials.

Introducing Lilah Grace Whitman

Keith & I went to Cincinnati to stay with Libby while Sarah was in the hospital. Lilah Grace Whitman was born Tuesday, August 17, 2010 at 9:27 a.m. She weighed 7 pounds 3 ounces and was 21 inches long. Keith & I went to the hospital to meet her. She is a keeper. I am posting pictures I took there. The picture of Lilah alone was taken Saturday just before I went home. She is precious and Libby is a GREAT big sister.

Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Casey is 13!!

Casey is now a teenager. Her birthday was the 29th and we celebrated with her family at the campground on Friday night. The food was delicious (Thanks Christy). It is hard to believe how fast the kids are growing up. I am posting a couple pictures. She is getting prettier every day. Happy Birthday Casey!!!

My time with three of my granddaughters! :o)

Cayla was first this year. She wanted to eat at a McDonald's playland and go bowling at Crazy Pinz in Fort Wayne. So we did and went shopping too. Next was Chloe. We went and played Putt-Putt golf, went to the movie Dispicable Me (the theatre we went to was really different. Notice the seating in the picture. They had no concession stand, but a waitress came around and got your order for popcorn, candy, corn dogs, sandwiches, fries and drinks) and we ate at Subway after the movie...of course shopping too. Then it was Casey's turn. We went to Speedway go-carts..I watched..played Putt-Putt golf, ate at Cheddars and of course shopping. I watched movies with each of them when we got home as we have Netflix now and they could pick the movies to watch instantly. Each of the girls baked or made something too. Cayla made chocolate chip cookies, Chloe - rice krispy treats and Casey made a german chocolate cake with homemade coconut icing. I had a blast. I hope they had fun. Was hoping to have Kraig come this week, but he is spending the rest of the week at Grandma Birdies or Jackie's. Saturday he has a birthday party and Sunday Keith & I are taking Kurt's family on a train ride. The next week he has football practice so I hope we can work around that. As their school starts on the 16th we are running out of time. Where did the summer go???

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Visit with Kevin's

I went to Cincinnati Tuesday and stayed with Libby Wednesday through Friday while her babysitter was on vacation. We played outside two days and she enjoyed swinging, bubble wand and playing in the sand. Friday it rained so we had to play inside. Friday night after Libby went to bed, Sarah asked me if I would help them make a dress for Libby. Sarah did all the sewing and Kevin did all the pressing, made the bias tape and lots of moral support. I just explained some of the terms on the pattern and gave a little instruction. It was a fun project and we worked on it as a team. The dress was finished in about an hour and a half. I took a picture of them with the finished project. Kevin had bought Sarah the pattern for Mother's Day and it is a Mommy and Me pattern so it has a pattern to make a matching top for Mom. I got home about noon Saturday. My garden had missed me. I got two gallons of pickles soaking "Erma's Pickles" to be canned Thursday. Also canned 14 pints of bread and butter pickles, made cucumber and onion salad and picked two five gallon buckets of green beans. Today I canned 20 pints of green beans, had fresh green beans with lunch and got another gallon of pickles soaking. Tomorrow I am planning to can beets and Tuesday spend a day scrapbooking. Oh, when I got home and looked over at the robin's nest, I thought it must be the Mom in there...but it didn't have a orange breast....It was a good sized bird...This morning I checked and the nest was empty. Keith said, "You wouldn't believe how the robins grew while you were gone...he was surprised too that the nest was empty.

Monday, June 28, 2010

Life Goes On. Robins Hatch!

Today is a new sunny day and the robin's eggs have hatched. Keith took a quick picture of the babies this morning. More to come as they grow.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Pictures of the Opera House..upstairs before...

These are some pictures taken by the Historical Society of Edgerton. We were hoping to restore the building and use the Opera House upstairs. Hope you enjoy seeing what it was and imagine what it was many years ago when constructed in 1880. They had many plays etc up there. The stage and balcony were still intact. When I worked there, I used to climb those beautiful staircases...one on each side.. to the upstairs to store records. I would look in at the stage and imagine what it was like before years ago. One picture is names written on the wall...by the ticket sales for the opera house...it was behind my office when I was the utility clerk. It was fun to read what people wrote. Some simply signed their name and the date. You can see the ceiling in one of the pictures. (the 4th one) And if you look at one I posted earlier of the hole in the building, you can see that the ceiling is still there. It has an elaborate painting on it. In the last picture, you can see the balcony. Most people in the village have never seen the upstairs. That is sad.